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Today’s Happenings

Had an exam I felt really good about, and a quiz.  I’ll be putting my altar to rights before the night is out; I may even have some pics up soon.  I worked out for about half an hour today, between the walking and a good portion of weightlifting.  My muscles are still a little tense at the moment, but I didn’t overdo it.  So here’s hoping to a good regimen.

I had a good moment of just…being today after the exercising.  The college I go to has a great big fountain/pond outside the Student Center.  It was brisk, about 7 in the evening.  I started to walk past it, then I got this call from the landvaettir to just…connect.  So I walked back to the 3-tiered pavement and grass area that steps down to the pond.  I stood on the topmost step, and the landvaettir just asked that I just shut my eyes.  So I did…and I breathed.  I could feel the connections to the place, the world around us, the pulsing life that was all around me if I would just stop to listen. Came home, wrote, and now I’m setting to reworking the altar.

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