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Getting Balanced

So I saw the doctor yesterday.  She was concerned about my high blood pressure, which is classified as benign hypertension.  So I’m refilling the meds I need for that, while also filling some meds for my twisted ankle.  It should be back to full use in about six weeks, according to her.  So I’m taking it easy.  However, I need to get back into the gym, so I will be doing mostly upper-body stuff, or non-running, non-jogging full body stuff.

In terms of other ways of balancing myself, I have been getting better sleep.  I’ve been going to bed at decent times (i.e. midnight or thereabouts) and waking up 6-8 hours later.  Good times.  I’ve felt more energized and better able to do things.  Unfortunately, it also means I can’t stay up later and do WoW with my fiancee or folks.  In addition to that, I’ve been setting aside more time for prayer and meditation, something I’ve done in a kind of haphazard way.  I’m thinking about making a horarum, something to give me focus and something to work with.


I’m also looking at NaNoWriMo and considering working on one of the books, particularly the devotional book, that I was told to do outlines for.  Sure, maybe it isn’t working within the rules of NaNoWriMo, but to me it doesn’t matter so long as it gives me focus.  Regardless of where I find it, I’m looking for more structure, and for better planning in my life not just spiritually, but practically as well.  So I’m using Google Calendars and my phone’s calendar to coordinate my schedule and get my life in order.  Perhaps by upping the effort here I’ll see a good amount of payoff later.

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