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Post-Samhain Cooldown

After an intense Samhain, I’m trying to ease down from spirit-work for a day or two.  Having worked through around 15 spirits in a single night was intense; needed, but intense.  There are still a good chunk of restless Dead about, but Hel Herself has given me a stand-down order.  She doesn’t mind if they come to me and ask for help, per my agreement with Anubis and Her, however, I’m not to seek out to fix the Dead’s situations for Them…or for the living.  If I am to help its to facilitate communication, resolve between spirits and people, it will be because one or the other approaches me.  Otherwise, I am told I need to be taking a passive approach now.

Things are coming up in the spirits world.  Spirits, ignored for generations, are tired of maltreatment or just plain ignorance on the part of their descendants.  There is a surge to either get things done or get out of the spiritual areas of our world.  There is an increased hurried sense to the spirits; suddenly more and more people are becoming awakened to the presence of spirits, and increasingly, spirit contact is made, increasing the traffic.  On top of that, we have people whose spirits are being broken or at least done serious harm by the conditions this world is in.  Here in my little corner of America we have 17% unemployment, with the usual statistics of violence and addiction quickly rising.  More and more people, enraptured by pain and/or isolation, are left to do what they can.  Sometimes this includes soul sharding just to keep people around, breaking off pieces of themselves for others, or putting parts of their soul into others through the trauma inflicted upon the other, or daily doses of guilt, pain, or other abuses.

On top of this, the land, the rivers, the oceans, the air, are practically screaming in pain.  They’re being poisoned, rerouted beyond what they should be, their natural formations destroyed, and the land erodes and suffers under us.  We live on the land, more often than not, not with it.  So on top of pissed off, abused Dead, you have vaettir as well who have been continuously maltreated for centuries.  Now you have people willing to listen!  Of course they’re going to air their problems, let us feel it; we’re some of the few who do.  We listen, we feel, we know, one way or another, and anyone who calls spirit work, insofar as I know, is being called to make positive change to help fix this world we’re in.
I didn’t hang on Yggdrasil for nothing.  I didn’t learn of the Runes two years ago, then know them at the climax of the hanging, just to keep Them to myself.  Nor did Odin.  He, like I, share them.  Don’t keep the messages from spirit to yourself; proclaim them out loud, let people know what the spirits are saying to you if that is what they want.  Don’t hold back, don’t hold in.  We need to speak with the multitude of voices, our own, spirits, Gods, Goddesses, all that want to speak, all that need to speak.  It is time for all our voices to be heard.  Write, speak, record, print, share however you can to get the message you need to out there.  If spirits, Gods, etc. are speaking through you, are asking you to write things down, it may not just be for you.  Maybe it is time to ask your spirits “what do you want me to say?  To whom do you want me to say it?” and do so.  Something to consider.
In any case, I’ll be taking some time off before I do anything like this.  I know I’ll be writing more, though, and I’ll be working on getting the rest of my Yggdrasil Journal up.

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