The Spirits are Restless

It seems to me that this Samhain, the spirits are even more restless than I’ve felt them in the 7 years I’ve practiced.  I’m not just talking about the human Dead, though they seem to be more active this year than previous, but spirits of place (i.e. genus loci, on-campus spirits, the spirit of my college, town, etc.) and spirits of the land (elemental spirits, devas) and the spiritual residents of the area, the Dead, Fae, and various other vaettir. All seem to be agitated, stressed, or trying settle down, or trying to effect change.  I’m not sure what it all means, but I’ve gotten more receptions, and they’ve been much warmer than in the past.  I’m not sure whether this is because I’ve finally accepted what I am, or if it is because I’m a human contacting them and trying to help, or if they are happy a shaman has contacted them and they have a medium to express themselves to others with/through, as my spirit-work tends to make have me do.

Having helped three recent fatalities cope with their deaths, who have now joined me as companions for the moment, I can definitely tell something is up.  It’s a feeling on the air, in the energy of the place around me, and the signs of the spiritual stress are, to me, manifesting physically.  We’ve had a large rash of violence, including sexual assaults, break out on campus more and more as we’ve come closer to Samhain.  This campus is supposed to be nice and safe, but there are more robberies and violence occurring in steadily increasing increments near and on campus.  I am working with all the spirits I have regular contact with, especially the landvaettir, spirits of place, my Ancestors, and personal working-spirits and Gods.

I hope that whatever is gripping the area passes, and if it will not, that when confronted its presence will lessen if not disperse.  I can’t help but feel that something big is coming; the spiritual activity feel ominous.  There’s a lot of worry running, at least locally, in the spirit realm.  I try to avoid drama, and if I don’t have to do anything I won’t, but it feels more and more like something will need to be done.  I’m going to bring this to the Shaman Supper and get some ideas on what’s going on.  I’m beginning to get a bit worried, given the agitation in the air from the spirits.  I’ve got some conjecture as to what it could be, but nothing really solid yet.  I think I will do some ritual, divine on it, later in the evening and see what comes up.


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