On-Campus Interfaith Panel

I hope to be a force for change for the better on and off-campus.

To this end, I’m putting together an interfaith panel to discuss a wide variety of topics, from basic communication between faiths, to helping the community develop interfaith understanding and dialogue, to digging into problem areas of our community as well as issues between faiths.  Already the on-campus Priest for the Catholic Church and Reverend for the Lutheran Church have signed on; I hope more will come to promote peace, hope, and harmony between us.  I have a good feeling about this, and the conversations I’ve had thus far with just these two have been very encouraging.  I pray to the Gods more from other faiths come and join us.  It would be good to show that we may come from different paths and believe very different things, but still be united for peace and love as a community.  If nothing else, the dialogue will be useful and fruitful, and the hamingja we could generate within the community would be well worth every effort.


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