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My Spirits Make Odd Requests

So my Ancestors, for some work I’m going to do with them today, including drumming, have asked me after my ritual shower to dress in my red scrubs I had bought for a massage therapy class.  I find this odd, but I guess the color red is appropriate, given I’m working with those from my bloodline.  It helps that the material is very breathable, kind of like a gi, and I’m not terribly proud of my ritual robes.  I would like to, given time and money, remake them at some point or make a whole new set of ritual clothes.  The red scrubs, now I guess have become ritual gear, at least for now.  Interesting.  I didn’t use to wear these much as it is, but I think its somehow appropriate that my Ancestors would take something that I was going to do physical and spiritual healing in, and use it…well, probably for the same purposes, just focused in a new way.

They ask me to completely clean my room before bigger rituals like this, today, ones where we’ll be spending a lot of time together, like drumming or communing.  After all, would you want to come to a dirty home where you’re supposed to be an honored guest?  So I’m cleaning, putting my laundry away for the time being until I can get to it.

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