Quick Notes on the Yggdrasil Journal Transcription

First, I will be faithfully copying down everything I wrote.  What you are reading, unless I specifically note something in addition, will be the unabashed and unedited version of what I recorded as I recorded it, what lessons I learned, and what I went through.  As this is personal, you may or may not learn things about me you may or may not want to know.  Please understand that what these posts contain may not be effective for you, but if you seek to learn or use any of the things I detail in my entries here I firmly recommend that you speak with the spirit or God/dess that taught me.  Additionally, if you have questions or want details, please ask.

Second, the Runes shown in the posts will probably be copied, linked, and/or modified Wikimedia Commons (found here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Runes) as needed, which they share under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons License (found here http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

There daily rune readings done, a Daily Rune (DR), Outworking Rune (OR) and Results Rune (RR) done each day.  This is taken from the practice detailed in Rune Play by Ralph Blum and modified as I needed it.  I did not write on the Runes for each day in this reading, as I took the meanings of the DR and OR Runes as a reminder throughout my day.  The RR was drawn either that evening around 9pm when the changeover between Days happened, or the next morning.

Third, not all the details of what I did were wrote down either because I sometimes simply did not think about it (sometimes at all).  I may comment on something later in the entries that I may have glossed over or missed in the preceding pages.

My reasons for doing this are threefold: 1) Odin asked me to do this prior to beginning the Hanging on Yggdrasil.  2) It is my hope that what I write here will be of use to another person. 3) It’s a way to get all of this out into a format that can survive the paper and perhaps be taken further in whatever direction I or another deems appropriate.

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