Hanging on the Tree

I’ve been prepping for weeks for today, and at sundown, my Hanging on Yggdrasil will begin.  I will be in a tent, or outside spiritually hanging from the Tree for Nine Days.  When I am not in meditation or otherwise actively engaged in this, I will be writing, and going through ordeals as Odin decrees.  I will be required to write about my experiences throughout the day each day on the Tree, so I will probably have the quite the amount of material when I come back.  Until then, Ves Heil!

I know I hung on the wind-swept tree nine full nights
wounded by a spear and dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which none knows from where the roots come.
They did not comfort me with the loaf nor with the drinking horn:
I looked down below me and groaning took the runes up
and fell back down thereafter.”

Havamal 138-139

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