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Working through The Bisexual Option

A good, solid book so far with research backing it up.  This seems to be an older book, probably originally hailing from the 80s, but still has good data.  The personal dialogue the author has with his interviewees makes it easier for me to work through my own feelings, and seeing things as a spectrum rather than as ‘identification’ as straight, gay, or bi.  I definitely swing into the bisexual category, just from analyzing my own perspectives, feelings, and understanding of myself.

In Paganism there is a spectrum of accepted behaviors that would not have been accepted in my old faith.  To say I’ve found support here is an understatement.  The community itself accepts me, and the Gods push me to understand myself deeper, even dip into ergi, that is, being a feminine or feminized male, at times just for me to  get more at ease with my whole Self.  It isn’t me embracing ergi because it is in vogue or may give me a notch on my shaman post…it is to have and to hold that experience.  It is to understand that experience, enjoy it or not, let it go, or embrace it.  Ultimately, from my own reasoning and the reason my Gods are pushing me so much on this, is so I can accept both halves of myself, or perhaps better, the spectrum of my Self.

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