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A Small Prayer to my Gods

Each day may I come

To know You better

In the small ways

The ways You know to reach

That no one else will see

That no one else may believe

But I will know

and in that knowing

I will be content


Loki Project Day 31

Thank You, Loki

For a month of celebrating You

Deepening my understanding day by day

The opportunity to come to know You better

The promise of knowing You deeper


Thank You, Loki

For pushing me to write each day

For making me express myself differently each poem and post

For letting me touch, if for a moment, a powerful piece of You


Thank You, Loki

For letting me know Your family just a bit better

For sharing Your pain with me, even if I will never fully grasp it

For letting me know Your Wives better than I did

For allowing me to know Your Children better


Thank You, Loki

For touching my heart through Your Love

For touching my heart through Your Pain

For touching my heart through Your Pleasure

For touching my heart through Your Patience

For touching my Heart through Your Presence


Thank You, Loki,

For blessing me with Your stories

For blessing me with Your Presence

For blessing me with a month full of praise to You, Your kin, Your Children, Your Wives


Thank You for being in my life, Loki

For blessings beyond count

For truths I have had to find inside me

For hidden feelings brought to light

For coming nearer to Your Holiness


Hail Loki Laufeyson!

Hail to Angrboda, Hag of the Iron Wood!

Hail to Sigyn, Lady of Staying Power!

Hail to Hel, Greeter and Keeper of the Dead!

Hail to Jormungand, Boundary-Keeper of Midgard!

Hail to Fenrir, Rage Unbound!

Hail to Narvi, Gentle Child, Victim-Bond!

Hail to Váli, Sweet Child, Mad-Driven!

Hail, Loki, to Your family, Your friends, and Your People

Your greatness, Your generosity, Your pains, Your family, Your blessings, will never be forgotten

Ves ðu heil!

Devotional Poetry to Loki

Invocation of Loki

Burning bright
Your hair of fire
Shining green
Your eyes’ desire
Use my body
Take my body

Cresting blaze
Your soul of flame
Taking now
This soul’s place
Use my body
Take my body

Whispering speech
Your tongue of silver
Love erupts
Your gentle whisper
Use my body
Take my body

Scorching touch
Your hands of skill
Masterful strokes
Your evoked Will
Use my body
Take my body

Warming glow
Your magic of life
Power uplifts
Your healing strife
Use my body
Take my body

Loving pain
Your way of truth
Calling beside
Your love to you
Use my body
Take my body

Loki Dynamite

*In the style of Dynamite by Taio Cruz

I come to dance dance dance
Watch all you other Gods just prance prance prance prance
Hey, now give me a chance chance chance chance chance
Here’s a list of my demand -mands -mands
‘Cause it goes on and on and on
Yeah it goes on and on and on -yeah!

‘Cause it goes on and on and on
Yeah it goes on and on and on -yeah!
I wander all around the Worlds sometimes
So I say Eh-O! let me in, yo!
Let’s go have some fun, hey I got all night
Saying Eh -O!  Gotta let go!
‘Cause I will rock will these Worlds
I’ll rock ya’ll all night
I will rock you till
We all see Twilight
‘Cause I told you once
Now I told you twice
I will rock you till
We all see Twilight

Verse 2
Come on let’s groove groove groove
Don’t give me none of your ol’ ‘tude ‘tude ‘tude ‘tude
‘Cause here is what we’ll do do do do do
Have a party ‘n’ eat some food food food

Verse 3
I’m gonna take it all out
All the blocks that you left standing
I alone and I
Will burn away “I can’t” and “I ain’t worth it”
‘Cause I, I, I
I just want a ball
I just want a ball
So I’m gonna take away all your cares
Away all your cares
We’ll take away all your cares


Loki’s Gifts

You wandered by the Allfather’s side
A friend and a lover
A protector, blood-brother

You saw Him take up the Runes on the Tree
A watcher and a waiter
A fetcher and aider

You gave Him His most precious tools
A rogue and a trickster
A giant and shifter

You gave my love the hardest of lessons
A teacher and a torturer
A lover and scorcher

You taught my love to lift herself high
A player and a poker
A jester and Joker

You gave me insight into myself
A broker and a banker
A buyer and maker

You brought me down so I could rise
A cruiser and a crasher
A saint and smasher

You gave the world your skewed vision
A God and a Goddess
A liar and honest

You taught us your lessons hard-earned
A victim and a messiah
A hoper and crier

Heil Loki Laufeyson
Heil that your songs are sung
Heil that we remember true
All the lessons inspired by You


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