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Sigyn Project: Day 19

May we remember

we need not drown in tears

We must stand against the tide

and face down our fears


May we know

we need not bow to grief

We must raise another up

and help to find relief


May we know

we need not die in vain

We must remember the sacrificed

and praise them by their names

Odin Project: Day 13

Keep frith hale | in trust and honor

And hold fast to friends;

No tree grows | without water or sun

So too no love or tribe


Keep frith hale | with those well-loved

And speak without fear;

The poison-tongued | shows his fangs

Well before the strike


Keep frith hale | be wary with words

And cautious in action;

The good friend | gives ear for woe

And hands in calamity

To Mother in my Fear

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Mother, I am shaking

Fear has taken hold

Of failing, of losing


I am stretched to my limit

My mind cycles

Thought to worry to fear


I stand tall but

I feel so low

The pressing, pressing down


Holy Weaver of Wyrd

Mother of Gods!

Please, hear me!


It is said You hold the threads

As the Nornir gather them

Weaving, weaving, ever-weaving


It is said You are silent in Wyrd

So all I ask

Are words of comfort, a touch


From Your Holy Hands or Lips

To soothe my quaking soul

The greatest of blessings


Hail Frigga, Holy Mother!

Know that in the midst of my fear

I ever-hold love for You in my heart


The Salve is Action

August 9, 2012 1 comment

I look to the news and my heart breaks

Another slaughter, another tragedy

Everyday news


I look to the websites and my heart breaks

Another mountain strip-mined, another forest cut

Everyday news


I look to the feeds and my heart breaks

Another spill, another tragedy, another wrong





My heart is full of sadness, and I look to my Gods

I ask Them for comfort, and the One Eye looks to me


What hope would I give you?  That, you must make.

Take that burn, that grief.



Do whatever is in you to do.

Words alone will not console, words alone will not heal this.



Do until you can do no more.

Speak where you can speak, until you have no more words.

Above all:


Hail to Jotunkind

Hidden back is the fear

In the recess of our mind

The fear of ferocity and wildness

The fear of Jotunkind


We fear the ground we walk on

We fear the air we breathe

We fear the water that we drink

We fear the food we eat


Teach us to strip away our fear

Teach us to be aware

Teach us to live with Death and Life

Teach us to Live and Dare


Teach us to know the plants

Teach us to know the land

Teach us to know the food to eat

Teach us Your just demands


Teach us to live each moment

Teach us to fight and know

Teach us to be inspired

Teach us to be our hope


Help us come to know You

Help us to leave our fear

Help us to come to understand You

Help us to see You clear


Hail to the mighty Jotun

Of Fire and Storm and Ice

Hail to those from Whom Aesir

Call Lover, Husband, Wife


Hail to the Gods and Goddesses

From Whom we all descend

To our most primal Ancestors

Hail to Parent, and to Friend


Needed Maintenance

April 29, 2011 3 comments

Falling out of practice, out of doing the needed maintenance for myself has led to a lot of problems.  From not paying attention to my own needs, to not doing regular meditation, each part that fell away put something in its place.  Where I could once find stillness I found chaos; where I could once find happiness I found anger, resentment, boredom, or apathy.  There was a ritual the group I used to belong to did a long while ago, dedicated to the Goddess Astarte.  In it, we called upon Her to help us accept ourselves, empower us, and through us as a group, to bolster ourselves as people.  We wrote messages on hand mirrors, some in foreign or ancient languages, but many wrote in  English phrases each person wanted another to remember.  Thing like “you are a beautiful person” or “You are powerful and beautiful”.  Empowerment for each of us, tailored to each of us.  I stopped picking up the mirror, stopped looking, and other things fell by the wayside too.  It’s amazing how crystal clear it can all seem so much later; had I worked on my self-confidence, maybe I would have had enough inner fortitude to meet the challenges then that I face now.  Now, I look at the words, and I still feel that empowerment, and I also feel that drive.  That drive to feel like I’m ‘square’ with my Gods and Ancestors, like our relationship is in equivalent exchange.  That drive to feel that wholeness in myself.

When I get right down to it, I am largely square with my Gods.  Sure, I have work to do, but I do it.  I pray regularly, I am relearning to listen to their Voices, to get my feet back on this shamanic path in a way that, in the long term, is sustainable.  The drive really comes from me, and this sense that I need to do.  Sometimes this has pushed me into the situation that got me into this mess, whether it was horsing when I could have passed along a message, or “I’ll do it!” or “Can I help? ” every time I thought there might be a case for me to help or do something in.  Sometimes that came from pure motives, sometimes it didn’t.  Sometimes I did it because I genuinely wanted to help, and others because I wanted to feel important, special, or like I was worth something.  So I am being very careful when I respond to that drive to do.  I’m asking myself more questions like “Why do I want to do this?”, which tends to be the first one out.  I ask my Gods more questions; it has taken me getting knocked on my ass to realize asking more questions are not pestering Them, but including Them in the conversation and in my life.  I pray more often, let things fall into “I can let this go; I don’t need to control it”.  I’m not perfect by any stretch, but compared to where I’ve been in terms of asserting spiritual and other forms of control over my life, I’ve been a lot more lax in the last few weeks than I have been in the last few years.

Part of my spiritual maintenance is really learning how to let go of that control and be an instrument of the Gods when I need to be, and being myself at others.  I love writing, and I love writing about spirituality, philosophy, and similar topics.  I get joy from it.  I would probably be doing these posts even if I wasn’t required to…but something the posts force me to do, as required by the Society, is really dig into the meat of where I am sitting emotionally.  Where I am right now, is falling back into love with my spirituality, rather than it being a burden or something I do.  I am relearning how to embrace it with my whole Self, to put myself to it not just as “this is what I do” but “this is what I love”.  Yes, being a shaman is what I am, and it is something I have embraced, but I’ve always had this point where I put things at arms length in terms of embracing the work.  I think that is where the control comes in, where the horarium failed me.  I don’t need the control, I need the emotion.  The vulnerability.  To look my Gods in the eyes, or to kneel before Them and truly say “I put myself in Your hands and trust you”.  That scares me.  It scares me because it opens me up to possibilities I have not considered, plans I have not thought of, requests I may not want to fulfill but will, and journeys that will challenge me in ways I don’t want to face.

Some of those challenges are from Loki.  Since my fiancee and I broke up, I have been scared to approach Him.  I thought He would be furious at me for using the horsing with Him as I did, as some kind of patch-job to our relationship.  What really angers Him more, I am finding, is that the lording over other people, like “I’m doing x, y, and z, what are you doing?” or “I have had x years of practice; do you know what you’re doing?” and similar kinds of crap.  Yet He has been waiting for me to pull my head out of my ass, stop being afraid, and approach Him in that vulnerability I have always been scared of being in His Presence.  He, not Odin, will be the main God I will work with during my upcoming fast, and that scares me more than my Hanging on the Tree did.  I realize something though, in all this fear: I don’t really know Him.  Not really.  I mean, I horsed Him a lot, but did I actually develop a working relationship with Him?  No.  We had dialogue, we shared notes, we talked on occasion, but it was more like that cartoon from Looney Toons where the dog and coyote check in at the beginning.  It was more business-oriented, more doing oriented, than an actual working relationship.  So many times I could have simply talked to Him rather than open up my body to Him.  So many times I could have listened instead of done; something I am working to correct.

At the end of the day, I have to sit down with myself and ask myself “Do I trust Him enough not to permanently break me, and trust Him enough that any scars I get from working with Him I can see as being good lessons?  Am I willing to negotiate with Him as with Odin?  Am I willing to be vulnerable and truthful with Him?”  It shocked me a little bit to realize “Yes” despite the deeply painful lessons He put my ex through.  I am still scared…but it isn’t the same fear with the Gods as it used to be.  I’m facing old demons, this I already know…but I am also facing vulnerability before my Gods, Ancestors, spirits, and others.  This isn’t like “I bare myself before Them all the time”, but in the moments where we both need me to, in the moments where I was most afraid, such as in prayer, to be intimate about how I felt towards my Gods and/or ask for help as if I was bothering Them.  To trust that I am worth Their time and energy, to trust that I am worth the work They have put into helping me get where I am today.  To really realize not just in some bullshit mental exercise, but in practice, in feeling, Gebo with Them.  That allowing Them in, to truly let Them give back, is what I am finding myself doing now, bit-by-bit.  The fast will be good for me.  I know it.  I trust the Gods; I am putting myself into Their hands…and though I am afraid, I trust Them.  I keep remembering the Litany Against Fear from Dune.  It’s an apt, and powerful piece of writing for me.  Now that I think about it, I will print it out and put it on my door.  To me there is a wealth of difference of being afraid and experiencing fear.  The former can overwhelm, be that mindkiller, where the latter can challenge you to move beyond it, and experience something new, something profound.

Sometimes the fear is there for a reason, but to be consumed by it is something that has kept me at arms length from my Gods at times where I did not need to, from people where it hurt them the most, and from myself because I would not face myself.  My fear with my Gods hasn’t been an all-consuming panic, but a creeping worry, a moment of deep doubt that cuts off communication, that fear that “I am not good enough” that translated me into bullying my friends and hurting myself but shutting myself down and ignoring my own heart, and even inner goodness.  That imbalance allowed hubris, that imbalance of “I’m not good enough, I need someone to tell me I am!”, and “I need to be better than this; let me show people I am!”, of not being happy or content in my own skin has produced so many problems.  So much of this work has been about getting me grounded and back into my own head, and this fast is one more step in that journey of healing myself, and through that, of eventually healing others.

Failing Your Community

You know when you screw up big.  You screw up so monumentally huge that you barely see it coming.  You’re stuck in your own consensus-trance, convinced you’re doing fine and doing right be people.  Reality slaps you in the face like a sledgehammer.  I’m writing this because the community I belong to hold me to standards.  I’m writing this because I hold myself, and any Pagan leader to standards.  I failed that community through hubris, stepping on people, and making them feel small.  I failed that community by letting my insecurity and emotion rule, rather than stick to what I should have been doing: serving others.  I failed as a shaman, as a Pagan, as a friend, and even as a lover.  This community, rather than saying “Don’t ever come back” is being generous, and willing enough to give me a second chance.  Part of my deal with them, in seeing me through this transformation process from where I am, to where I am better, is to chronicle it.

It may seem odd that they would want to chronicle it, or that I would be willing to write about it.  As I’ve said here many times, I’ve hoped this blog would help people.  Perhaps by writing about what I’ve done, how I’ve hurt people, and how I hope to correct it, I can help other people avoid the mistakes, negligence, and poor choices I’ve made.  Perhaps by writing about what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I’ll do, I can help myself heal and make myself a better person.  It may not make everything better; the kinds of hurt I’ve given to people through my action don’t just spontaneously heal.

I’ll be blunt: I’ve damaged my hamingja, my group luck or spiritual force, if not outright destroyed it.  I did trance-possession work on a regular basis with my group.  That eventually became tainted with my ego, and people have seen more of me than the Gods especially lately in that work.  I did trance-possession work for my lover on a regular basis and she feels betrayed by this.  I can hardly blame her; I was supposed to step out of the way, facilitate a true and honest connection to deity.  I’ve failed.  I’ve hurt people, made them suspicious of my motives, and may have damaged peoples’ perspectives of the practice.  To the spirit-workers, shamans, and others out there who have struggled to make a good name for this incredible spiritual work, I apologize, and know that the apology is not enough.  I hope through my work to fix at least some of the damage I’ve done.  I say the same to those whose materials and training I’ve used in my work.  I have also made people feel inferior, hurt peoples feelings needlessly, and demonstrated a lack of caring toward people who, given I am in a leadership position, should be serving and taking care of before my inferiority issues or wants.  Over the next six or so months I’ll be doing a lot of introspection, healing, personal work, and whatever other work I need to do to fix this so it won’t happen again.

I don’t really look to my Gods to forgive me.  Odin, and most of my Gods and spirit allies don’t really deal in forgiveness.  Most of my Gods deal in doing, in action.  Redeeming myself is more important than forgiveness, which, as the Merriam-Webster dictionary points out means “to give up resentment of or claim to requital” and “forgive a debt”.   So these posts will be more geared toward these ideas, thoughts, and actions.  I’ll reach out for commentary from the community around me, as well as the Gods and spirits, to help me do better and be more.

I cannot go onto public forums and cry out about how we need to hold leaders to a higher standard without holding myself, or being held, to a higher standard myself.  As time goes on, I hope to rise to that standard again.  Perhaps in the meantime I will be an example of what not to do.  I hope in the meantime I’ll be an example of healing, not just of myself, but especially of a community with a single leader with his head in the wrong place.


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